What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Appraisals?

Real estate is an important part of our lives. There are different types of real estate appraisals out there that are performed to better value what the properly is worth. These things allow the appraiser to do the job pretty well down the road.

We are going to talk about the different types of appraisals out there that will allow you to truly get the most out of any appraisal. The details of these types of appraisals will be covered, though we cannot extend the length of them because of the shortness of the article. Therefore, we need you to continue reading so you can truly know more.

Cost Approach

The cost approach will value the land. Then it will subtract any depreciated improvement down the road too. These depreciated improvements are the new construction costs related to any improvement on the useful land in the standards of the day. Appraisers will start using a replacement cost right away. Then they will subtract value related to an issue that has to do with the land or any sort of improvement on this land down the line too. A home appraisal from Utah, for example will be best performed with a cost approach analysis because of the large number of new housing developments being build there.

Sales Approach

The sales approach is done alone or combined with one or both of the other two approaches. The sales approach will work hard to compare the prices per unit area related to any similar properties in the important surrounding area. The potential purchaser will see a list of properties with similar price ranges, features, and the like. He or she will get information about the appraisal values of his or her property compared to the other properties. He or she will get a fair market value based on the averaged prices of the properties presented in the report.

Income Capitalization Approach

The income capitalization approach is commonly used to appraise commercial properties. The appraisers will use models to predict the real behavior of any participant in the marketplace too. This approach is particularly used in any income-generating property down the line. And this is something useful for you to bear in mind too.

An appraiser will rely on past income performance data before purchasing a commercial property. The income capitalization approach is a more technical appraisal than any residential appraisal out there. The income possibilities of a property will be also taken into consideration.


We have talked about the different appraisals types that you can find out there. The cost approach is truly awesome because it is truly simple to do. You just have to value the land and get rid of any depreciated improvement right away.

Remember also that the sales approach can be used alone or mixed with one or two of the other types of appraisals. We truly hope this article explains the differences between appraisals. If you have any information to add to this article tell us about it.