The Skills and Education You Need to Become a Real Estate Appraiser


There are certain academic qualifications and soft skills that you must acquire before you become a certified real estate appraiser. You therefore need to know what your duties will entail before choosing this career path. In simple words, as a real estate appraiser your main job will be to find out the value of properties; both residential and commercial for purposes like selling, taxes, as well as mortgage. With that in mind, you can now know the qualifications needed for the job.

Academic Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree is necessary for you to qualify in this career. To be more specific, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in at least one of the following; finance, economics, mathematics, real estate and even computer science. These courses will teach you skills that are needed in the real estate industry. Also, most employers want to employ someone with a bachelor’s degree because they feel that you have the capacity to handle the challenges that come with that job. If you have a college diploma or certificate it may be difficult to be considered because the industry is quite competitive. Therefore, to be on the safe side, go get a bachelor’s degree in the fields stated above.

Remember that other regulatory bodies will require you to site for an exam before you become a certified real estate appraiser. This may vary from state to state and you must also be ready to adhere to this requirement.

Soft Skills

It is not enough to have a bachelor’s degree if you want to become an exceptional real estate appraiser. You have to have additional skills to manage the work. An effective way to know the skills required, is by looking at what you will be doing on the job. Some of the skills include:

  • Have a strong analytical mind – As an appraiser, your job is to determine with prices for properties. This requires that you look for data from different places, verify and then analyze it before coming up with an accurate price tag for a given property.
  • Be a critical thinker – This job is demanding and sometimes you have to make decisions that may either break or seal a deal. The decisions made must also be the best. To do this, you have to think critically.
  • Have impeccable writing skills – You will be required to write reports and other necessary documents in your day to day work. These documents may be used by your senior managers, clients and other interested persons. Therefore, you need to have great writing skills so that your work looks presentable.
  • Be a good listener – Listening is very important because it is the only way that you know what your clients need. As a good listener, you can understand the needs of your clients’ and then it can be easier to deliver the exact evaluation they want.
  • Be a good communicator – You must be able to articulate yourself well to pass information around effectively. A good communicator will avoid or minimize confusion, then communicate the appraiser valuations in a way that it can be understood.


If you are planning to become a real estate appraiser, you should work on both your academic qualifications as well as your soft skills. Education alone is not enough; you need the other mentioned skills. The good thing is that you can work on the soft skills so that you acquire them if you do not have them.

Tell us where you obtained your skills to become a real estate appraiser!